Great Churches

“What makes a church great are not the soft seats and dazzling lights, but its wise and courageous action; they are not the sweet voices of the choir, but the quality of the lives that reflect the presence of Jesus. They are not the tall towers with their sounding of bells, but a profound vision of duty and commitment of its members; it is not the budget but the great hearts that love and serve; it is not the amount of money they collect, butts the quality of the services provided in this in the name of the Lord; it is not a large membership, but the president’s direction and power of the Holy Spirit it is not what they did in the past but what they do now and what they will do in the future.

Pulled from Maestro Joven study book.

Give praise to our king!!

We would like to first start by saying thank you to those that have prayed for the injured, everyone is recovering well and hopes are high. We are very grateful and blessed to have only a very minimal few that was hurt. We feel that God watched over us on that very special day and we can only give him the glory.

We would like to inform our members and family that services will be held at:

Trinity UMC 1428 Main street, Rahway NJ 07065

We would like to thank Superintendent Manuel Sardinas and Rev. Leo Park for all your support and prayers.


**** There has been an update we will be holding service at 466 West Grand Ave which is our normal location. Services will be held in the back parking area *******


Nos gustaría comenzar primero por decir gracias a los que han orado por los heridos, todo el mundo se está recuperando bien y las esperanzas son altas. Estamos muy agradecidos y bendecidos por tener sólo algunos pocos con mínimas heridas. Creemos que Dios velaba por nosotros en ese día tan especial y que sólo a el se le puede dar la gloria.

Nos gustaría informar a nuestros miembros y familiares que los servicios se llevan a cabo en:

Trinidad UMC 1428 Main street, Rahway NJ 07065

Nos gustaría dar las gracias al Superintendente Manuel Sardinas y Rev. Leo Park por todo su apoyo y oraciones.


**** Se ha producido una actualización vamos a celebrar el servicio en 
466 West Grand Ave , que es nuestra ubicación normal. Los servicios se 
llevan a cabo en la parte trasera zona de aparcamiento *******